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Air-Seal Products premier tyre sealant range is a major solution to tyre management for a wide variety of industries on or off-road.

Our liquid based mechanical tyre sealant is usually installed at the beginning of the tyre life, which stops rim, bead, and other slow air-leaks and maintains optimum tyre pressure. This therefore leads to extended tyre life by up to 20% and increases fuel economy by up to 3%. This also means that the tyre sealant is waiting to perform an instant puncture repair on up to 95% of tread area penetrations and prevents the risk of a flat tyre!

Air-Seal Products have been proven in all conditions such as tubed, tubeless, on-road, off-road, high-speed, or low-speed tyres and will support major cost savings for all users.

We have been in business selling our market leading tyre sealants for over 20 years! We have a lot of experience with the problems faced and we have the perfect solution to help!

Air-Seal Products - IT JUST WORKS!

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  • Protect your tyres and increase your profits!
  • Lengthen the life of your tyres!
  • Decrease your fuel bills!
  • The Premier Tyre Sealant


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