About Us

ARDATEM was established in 1987 by two engineers in the electro-nuclear region of southern France, with the ambition to provide electrical engineering and automation services to the industry, while enhancing the safety and security of nuclear operations.

In addition to its installation and maintenance service activities, ARDATEM engineered CESCA, a control instrument specifically designed for overseeing polar cranes within reactor buildings. CESCA’s adoption by EDF (Électricité de France) in the 1990s propelled ARDATEM’s growth and cemented its reputation in the French nuclear sector.

In 2006, ARDATEM became a subsidiary of Gérard Perrier Industry, a family-owned conglomerate sharing congruent values and principles. This strategic move enabled ARDATEM to continue expanding its presence and involvement in various nuclear projects and organizations. Today, it is recognized as a key national player in the nuclear sector, and one of EDF’s most trusted partners, particularly in the field of electrical engineering, I&C and automation. ARDATEM is for example one of the few companies entitled to do the I&C maintenance of the reactor core while units are operating.

In late 2022, ARDATEM embarked on an international venture by establishing Ardatem UK, located in Bristol, United Kingdom, with a strong focus on nuclear engineering.

Ardatem UK pursues three principal objectives:

Supporting the UK’s 2050 Net Zero Target: Ardatem UK is actively committed to aiding the UK in achieving its ambitious goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The company plans to contribute through the provision of top-tier consulting services with a steadfast commitment to safety, competitiveness, operational efficiency, and eco-conscious practices.

Specialized technical Proficiency: Ardatem UK offers specialized expertise in Control and Instrumentation (C&I), commissioning, automation, industrial IT, electrical engineering, and nuclear safety engineering. The company plays a pivotal role in executing intricate infrastructure projects within the UK’s nuclear industry.

Technical Training: Recognizing the heightened demand for skilled professionals in the UK’s nuclear sector, Ardatem UK is dedicated to bridging this gap. The company delivers tailor-made training programs and operates a dedicated nuclear engineering school, providing consistent learning opportunities and practical training modules to nurture technical competence.

In essence, ARDATEM and its international subsidiary, Ardatem UK, are deeply entrenched in the nuclear industry, championing safety, efficiency, and sustainability endeavours in both France and the United Kingdom.