Candida Bowman t/a Dovetail Confident Communication Skills Training

Candida Bowman t/a Dovetail Confident Communication Skills Training


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The purpose of Dovetail Confident Communication Skills Training is to improve the quality and effectiveness of our communication. With additional confidence, we are better equipped to say what we think, feel, or want to best effect. For example, we might need to deliver a difficult message to member of our team, have discussions that include a variety of different personality types or be heard in meetings full of strong personalities. It could benefit our profile if we delivered a presentation, although however gregarious and socially adept, we may find standing up in front a group is terrifying. We might simply want to say ‘no’ to requests.

Course subjects are relevant across different roles within an organisation and cluster into four areas – Improving Confident Communication; Successful Presentation Skills; Management & Leadership; Client & Customer Communications. Training is facilitated either in person or via video conferencing. In addition to one, two, and half - day courses, we currently have three ‘bite sized’ sessions of 60, 90 and 120 minutes.
Whatever the format, our courses are highly participative, with a strong motivational flavour. In addition to the existing repertoire, we are delighted to collaborate with clients and shape training programmes to meet their key priorities.


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