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Compass Video is an award-winning, leading UK corporate video production company and business storytelling agency. We have a vast range of different options to suit the needs of any client. Whatever our clients want to achieve with their project, we can use our insight and experience to create the best results. We take on projects with enthusiasm from pillar to post, starting with the seed of an idea and growing it into an amazing project that makes a meaningful difference to our clients.
If or when you work with Compass Video, we’ll start by asking what you want to tell people, and more importantly, what you want to show them. If you have ideas, we’ll take them on board, but it’s fine if you don’t -- we’ve got plenty of creativity to go around and we will have a few ideas to share. We’ll storyboard those ideas, develop them into full concepts and make the creative content that our clients want people to see.
Every company has a story to tell. The shortest distance between two people is a story. We work with our clients to find their stories. Whether our clients are relating that story to a new public, or reinforcing it to their existing client base, Compass Video will assist you. Compass Video have a vested interest in every creation, we can help our clients deploy their content for maximum effect.


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