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About Us

HR goes a long way beyond hiring and firing. People are central to the running of any business and if you have a great team chances are you'll also have a great business.

I help employers with all aspects of people management from the simple day to day bread and butter basics such as policies and terms and conditions, through to creating motivated teams and saying thank you for a job well done or, on the flip side, help to resolve workplace problems like poor attendance, disciplinary concerns or difficult relationships.

I can also help when you need to make changes at work which may or may not be welcomed!

Regardless you will always receive pragmatic, straightforward advice and hands on support, wherever and whenever you need it, which is designed to meet your objectives and keep you on the right side of employment law.

From simple telephone or email advice, through to face to face discussion or even becoming a temporary part of your team, if you'd like to get the best from your people get in touch and let's make your business work for you.

Email me at or call 07885 370054