costgard ltd



About Us

We are completely independent utility brokers and have been in this business for just over 18 years. We take away all the hassle that can be involved with utilities whether it is electricity, gas or water.

We provide a service to businesses to achieve the best rates for their utility supplies by tendering to all the suppliers. Due to the volume of business that passes through our office, we get very competitive rates which are not available directly to the customer.

We also manage the contract, which is direct with the supplier, deal with any queries that occur and ensure that everything is in place for when the contract comes up for renewal.

We have agreements with most electricity providers in the UK as well as most of the gas suppliers (apart from a few very small suppliers).

In addition to the above, we manage new electricity & gas installations and upgrades on behalf of our clients, liaising between the distribution company, meter operator and supplier.
Water has now been de-regulated too and there are savings to be made there.