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Why Dowlas?

Dowlas are much more than just a developer, we are ambitious Property, Land and Investment Consultants. Helping our Clients to realise the full potential of their portfolios and to support local communities. We enable growth in the leisure, commercial, and retail sectors which compliments residential development to provide great places to work, live, socialise and relax.

We feature throughout various stages of the development process to help a concept plan become a reality. We have a proven history, to be able to draw and piece together challenging sites in order to achieve maximum returns.

The Dowlas team are based in Somerset and have strong working relationships with all the local authorities that will need to be approached in order to gain a successful outcome when applying for planning consents. Having operated in this region for the past 10 years, we also have great links with the various stakeholders who will also need to be consulted on the project; colleges, businesses, residents etc.

Dowlas works at its best when we are part of the entire life cycle of the project, supporting land owners and end users to manage the development process from coordination of pre planning phase on to full planning consents and construction tendering right through to the management of building processes. We break our services down in to three core areas:

1. Develop - Working collaboratively to ensure we agree a route to maximum value.
2. Design – Coordination of every element needed to move the project forward. This stage includes overseeing all Planning and Design Consultants, advising on best routes for funding and the attraction of operators or occupiers.
3. Deliver – Entire project management of all relevant parties to ensure the development delivers its full potential.

We offer all or part of these services depending upon our Clients’ needs and requirements. This means that we can provide an agile, bespoke service tailored to each individual project. In our experience, by approaching projects in this way we can bring much more added value as we always have sight on the final delivery phase which ultimately saves money and keeps the project always striving to achieve its key values.