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Hi, I’m Joolz and I moved to Somerset just over a year ago.

As a catalyst for change, I help business owners and leaders grow their business in the right way - with purpose, values and stakeholder value at the heart of what they do.

Businesses are like trees – when they start out they are like saplings, easily trod upon and uprooted. As they grow, they find their place but they are still vulnerable to external elements. The trees that survive are the strong, solid and deep-rooted ones that spread their roots deep and wide, and therefore the least likely to be toppled.

I help businesses to define and embed those roots – the mission, the vision and the values, the DNA of the organisation. We then evaluate every employee and customer touch point to ensure that that DNA is embedded into every part of the business.

Along the way, I mentor exec teams and ensure that the limiting structures, processes and behaviours that get in the way of future growth are identified and overcome.

What drives me is the opportunity to make a difference through my clients – most accept that profit is a result of good business, not its core purpose. By identifying what they truly believe in, and the ‘magic formula’ that has a positive impact on their staff, customers and the wider community it creates a win-win-win.

Get in touch if you want to grow your business in the right way!