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About Us

Gridimp provide a range of affordable, innovative technology products & services that support the UKs transition to net zero. We do this by supporting businesses in their journey to reduce carbon emissions, lower spend on energy costs and generate revenue by participation in flexible energy markets.

Our core technology is the impHub which delivers distributed AI with edge computing into your business. It connects locally to your plant and makes real time energy management decisions based on your energy use and external factors such as energy cost, carbon intensity of the grid and the need for flexibility from the grid to control any available, non-critical load. The result is onsite control to reduce carbon, costs and generate revenue in flexibility markets.

We have 3 installation options to support different businesses including:

impHub - for businesses with a BMS system
impCabinet - for those without a BMS
impStor - to support generation & storage

Once installed the impHub delivers multiple services including:

> Automated management & control of plant to reduce cost & carbon. The impHub makes real time decisions based on multiple data sets to use energy during lower cost or carbon periods, known as carbon / price arbitrage.

> Automated participation in flexibility markets: The impHub provides an interface between your business and the UKs energy grid, allowing your business to receive and respond to calls for flexibility from the grid, turning up or down energy as necessary. It also undertakes verification and settlement with network operators to ensure you getting paid.

> Energy Investment & Trading dashboards: Powered by the impHub our dashboards, the impCloud, provides you access to your real time energy data and flexibility. The in-depth visualisation and analysis provided allows you to plan and drive investment programs.