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South West Aerial Surveys use frontier technology to digitise internal and external assets to increase productivity and help businesses achieve more sustainable operations
We are able to offer a variety of services ranging from high-quality aerial imagery, through to sophisticated photogrammetry, 3D models, orthomosaics, visualizations and area/volume calculations.
We also offer ground-based scanning of 3D models and digital visualisations for facilities management, M&P as well as remote inspections.
We operate a team of professional pilots, all holding the CAA PfCO qualification, DBS, and are Gold Drone Safe Registered members. Each job is supported by a detailed operational plan, a copy of insurance and full risk assessment.
We have worked for several organisations and companies in the South West including:
- Universities: measured roof surveys and roof inspections
- Property managers: creating a digital copy of their estate that can be measured and inspected
- Schools: looking for leakage and water ingress on flats roofs, working with RICs assessors
- Landowners: mm accurate land surveys of land for new drainage creating digital relief maps
- Construction companies: stockpile assets, measurements and documenting the build over time
- Harbourmasters: topographic surveys readily exportable, contours, digital elevation maps (DTM and DSM) into CAD and GIS
- Real estate services companies: photos and video of roof structures to complete a remote condition survey


Precision reality data capture using drones
A prop-tech company who are an approved RICs Tech Partner
Roof deflection analysis - safer, quicker, better
Thermal imaging for heat loss and water ingress
Using GIS to produce topographic survey of hard to reach areas + cut and fill volumes
Lower cost CAD and BIM outputs
Ground control points and GNSS surveying ensure good absolute accuracy in mapping