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Legitimate Leadership has helped clients all over the world create a high-performing culture, a culture where people routinely give of their best.

How? By focusing on and building trust. Through a research-based approach and proven practices leaders focus on what they give their people rather than what they get from their people, and employees focus on what they in turn can give the customer.

This leads to greater trust, contribution, and accountability – meaning improved safety, quality, productivity, and profitability metrics. It also makes it a lot easier to embed change programmes and ultimately results in an organisation characterised by people willing to give of their best, i.e., excellence at all levels of the organisation.

“This leadership model has the potential to transform your organisation by transforming those who work there.” Hendrik Koornhof, HR Director Babcock

''The Legitimate Leadership framework has introduced a structured way for us to grow our people and embed our culture whilst achieving our business goals.'' Sam Gower, Managing Director Perspicuity