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Napier Occupational Health offers:

1.Management referrals and case management, Somerset, Dorset and Devon
--- Where there are concerns about the impact of health, injury or disability on work performance or attendance, or where there are questions about the impact of work on health, Napier OH can offer advice about your legal obligations, suggest adjustments, and make recommendations that best protect and promote health and healthy working lives.

2.Pre-placement medicals and fitness for work medicals, Somerset, Dorset and Devon
--- Napier OH can advise on fitness for work including where there are regulatory or safety critical requirements.
--- Dr Napier offers train driver and train movement medicals as an Office of Rail and Road (ORR) Recognised Doctor

3.Health surveillance, Somerset, Dorset and Devon
--- Hand arm vibration (HAVS) tier 4 assessments (as part of the Control of Vibration at Work Regs 2005). Dr Napier is a FOM-approved HAVS assessor.
--- Lead medicals under the Control of Lead at Work Regs 2002. Dr Napier is an HSE appointed doctor under CLAW 2002.
--- Licensed and unlicensed asbestos medicals under the Control of Asbestos Regs 2012. Dr Napier is an HSE appointed doctor under CAR 2012.
--- Classified worker medicals under the Ionising Radiations Regs 2017. Dr Napier is an HSE appointed doctor under IRR 2017.

4. Pensions and eligibility for Ill-health retirement assessments nationwide
Reviewing a worker?s health records against the ill-health retirement criteria of their workplace pension scheme and providing an independent opinion.

5. Executive medicals, Somerset, Dorset and Devon
Providing 360-degree assessments of the health of your team members, detecting risks to their physical and mental wellbeing before they develop into health issues. Advising on how to optimise their health and wellbeing, using health coaching skills to key into each person?s motivation to develop health strategies.

6. Strategic consulting on your health, safety and wellbeing policies and procedures
Taking a bird?s eye view on how your business can be legally compliant with the requirements of health and safety law, as well as how you can go beyond legal compliance towards creating a healthy work culture. Napier OH also offers business advice and support in response to public health events, such as pandemics, heatwaves or major incidents.

-A tailored service: Napier OH partners with you to understand the needs of your organisation and to develop a bespoke occupational health service that adds value for you and your staff, covering all types of organisations across Somerset, Dorset and Devon.

-Flexibility and value for money: Napier OH offers site visits and face-to-face consultations within Somerset, Dorset and Devon, as well as telephone and video assessments for organisations nationwide. We offer timely and efficient input, to reach outcomes that best support your business performance.

-Clear, timely advice: Assessments are scheduled promptly, and medical reports are usually sent on the day of the consultation. The advice will be unambiguous, and focused on helping you to move towards solutions that are legally compliant and support a healthy and effective work culture.

-A consultant-led service: The director of Napier OH, Dr Jenny Napier, is a Consultant in occupational medicine (MFOM), the highest level of qualification that can be achieved via the Faculty of Occupational Medicine 4-year specialist training. This means that she can offer effective advice that fully considers the complexities of health and law of each case, and is ensures the highest quality input from herself and her network of associates.