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Nigel Browne Business Mentoring Ltd is proud to be a wholly owned franchise of UK No.1 rated Business Coaching company, UK Business Mentoring.

I am your ''unreasonable friend!'' In short, I assist and guide business owners with whatever problems/opportunities/challenges they face, and helpfully ''challenge your thinking.'' That could be strategy & planning, management, people, financial, marketing or any other area.

First I'll listen to you! Then I'll review your business, establish what is going well, what can be improved, & help you put those things right. I can assist preparing a strategic plan for growth, & maybe ultimately an exit plan for you, the owner.
I'll be there to advise, show, train, i.e. ''Mentor'' you along the way.

I seem to be frequently described a catalyst for growth and change! Certainly I have 30 years of repeated commercial achievements throughout UK & Europe. My business experience is extremely broad, with proven expertise in all functions, including strategic planning, sales, marketing, finance, structure & process. During my career I have enjoyed bringing value to clients and employers ranging from FMCG brands to medical practices to small retailers.

I have lived in Germany, Italy & Poland, working with start-ups, small businesses and the corporate world; and most significantly together with my Italian wife I ran my own small retail business for 12 years, so I have personally experienced both the highs and lows of SME business ownership.

My passion for understanding and helping businesses led me to UKBM, where their values are perfectly matched to my own.

Rated No. 1: feedback from clients rates us the No 1 in the UK for Business Mentoring and Business Coaching firms in the UK on Freeindex testimonials.

No long contracts: with UKBM there are no long contracts; we like to do business on the shake of a hand, and you use us as long as we are adding value to you and your business.

Our pledge to you: you also have the comfort of knowing that our pledge means if you do not feel we have added value then you are not expected to pay our invoice.
Our values: are aligned to professionalism, honesty, integrity, confidentiality and always adding value to a business.

We offer all potential clients a FREE Mentoring Session.


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