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About Us

We supply various types and sizes of waterproof sheet material which, replace the use of materials such as MDF. MFC. Plywood, Stainless Steel and solid laminates. Sealwise WCB (Waterproof Construction Board) and FS are 100% waterproof for the life of the board. They are both 100% recyclable and WCB is manufactured using a percentage of known recycled materials. Our materials carry with them extensive test credentials including fire ratings and antibacterial test results, we are constantly innervating to both improve our current offerings and develop new products.

Sealwise materials can be manufactured, using the exact machinery / techniques which are currently used for wood particle board. In addition we also supply manufactured and printed parts.

We started out in 2006 as Wood Wise Trading Ltd and used to manufacture traditional kitchens until the MD had a prolonged stay in hospital in 2010 where, he realised there is no furniture fit for purpose in a hospital ward or wet room which can be washed thoroughly without rendering the furniture a bio hazard. Wood particle board sucks in contaminated water or moisture which will become a haven for the bacteria to thrive, wood is an organic substance, and an ideal food source for bacteria. Sealwise is made from UPVC and PVC which, eliminates this source plus being 100% waterproof inside and out means there is zero water ingress and no bacteria.

The outer surfaces of WCB are protected with silver ion technology, which makes the surfaces 99.7% reactive against bacteria. Silver / silver ions render the bacterial infertile and unable to multiply meaning they just cant survive for very long at all. Silver has been used for 100s of years, as a way of reducing or eliminating bacteria, previously only the wealthy could afford silver objects, and there goes the saying ''born with a silver spoon in your mouth''. our silver ion technology helps eradicate bacterial infections in sensitive environments such as hospitals, dentists etc. bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella just can not survive on the surface of WCB, plus with the recent introduction of anti bacterial edging tape the whole sheet is completely protected.

We invented WCB here in Somerset and we are committed to keeping the HO and production here for good.