Somerset Larder


Food and Drink

About Us

The Larder brings together produce from some of the region’s best farmers, artisan food makers, coffee roasters and bakers – creating a variety of catering and food to go options for Somerset and the south west.

We provide full service, one stop catering using our Central Production Kitchen (CPK) and exclusive west country sourced products. A ‘from field to fork’ ethos working with more than 20 local food and drink producers ensures only the finest, locally sourced, products are used.

Purpose built and designed to operate 24/7, with a capacity in excess of 15,000 meals per day and a total equipment value of £1.2 million, our kitchen uses some of the most advanced cooking facilities currently on the market.

Our team of 28 operates across all disciplines, from baking and patisserie to quality restaurant standard courses. We operate under a strict food safety management system, to ensure the quality and safety of all food produced.

The CPK operates under the local authority approval system and we have primary authority provision, which ensures a consistent approach to food safety. In addition we also operate our own fleet of multi sized, multi temperature vehicles.