Springboard IT



About Us

We deliver solutions to customers frustrated that important operational processes take too long to perform, are inconsistently carried out, involve much duplication of data input or simply take too much time to provide meaningful reports.

Time savings typically repay investment costs in less than 12 months sometimes in as little as 3.

We prefer to deliver solutions by building on existing office, accounting and database applications as less change carries less risk. We are registered Sage Developers and Quickbooks developers.

We prefer to help configure existing systems if that delivers the solution.

Our detailed knowledge of Office 365 allows us to help customers maximise their investment in that extensive product set.

Springboard IT have the skills and experience to help connect existing systems together. We have experience of a wide range of cloud based solutions that deliver very specific value. This encompasses linking to systems like TomTom, EventBrite, SMS services, Delivery services (UK Mail, UK Pallets, DSV and UPS), Xero and CRM Systems.