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Whether you are looking to just have a change, prepare your property for sale/rent or putting your mark on your new build property, then I can help

In 2003 I started an Interior Design course. Not the usual ‘Be an Interior Designer in 2 weeks course’, but a 3 year Level 4/first year of a degree. The course covered paint effects, electrical overlays, knowledge and history of buildings and client brief/project work - very detailed and at times quite challenging! I loved the practical work and thrived on it but found the theory part just as interesting finding out facts such as the first under floor heating was introduced by the Romans! Absolutely amazing! That marbling paint effects was produced using feathers! That you could create amazing patterns using scrunched up newspapers and plastic bags. I was in my element as I love learning and for me this was certainly getting me thinking on all levels

I was lucky enough whilst living in Northamptonshire to work with an amazing builder formally known as SJS Property Services and now Integra Developments, on a number of projects, both as a consultant and ‘hands on’. The ‘boss’ challenged me on so many of the practical aspects of the work but taught me so much including how important to put down on paper designs from the beginning and to constantly communicate with your clients, particularly when budgets change and so do their ideas!

Fast forward a few years ...... I relocated to the South West in 2012 and continued to work in my day job (Human Resources) but my passion of home improvements/interiors has always remained in my heart as strong as ever and decided as this was my ultimate dream then I must pursue it

Through recommendations and word of mouth I am slowly building a great customer base and most importantly I am doing the work I so passionately love

So please, if you have any questions then contact me so that we can have a chat about how I can support you either with a decorating project, upcycling of furniture of just even some guidance on colours

Thank you for reading .... I look forward to 'meeting' you