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About Us

We exist to support and connect companies, bringing together local
businesses and organisations to build new relationships, share best
practice, foster new opportunities and provide practical support.

Because we sit at the heart of the local community, we are uniquely
placed to help businesses of every size and sector to thrive. This
includes the active role we undertake to improve the local
commercial environment to the benefit of all.

We provide a respected voice to the Taunton business community,
and the ability to present a critical mass of opinion ensures that the
Chamber is taken seriously, ensuring that the business voice of
Taunton is heard and understood.

Join us today!

Call us on 01823 230898 to discuss membership
or email: office@taunton-chamber.co.uk

Or, easiest of all, complete your registration and pay
your membership subscription online:

Membership Benefits:

Business Promotion:
We have an exciting programme of
networking, workshop and social events
enabling members to meet in an informal
atmosphere, to exchange ideas, and to
expand their customer base. These are held
at a variety of venues, and are often linked
with other organisations which allows
further expansion of business contacts. We
also hold a number of visits to leading
businesses within the area. Learn how they
operate, and help your own business by
gaining knowledge from others.

Membership offers a number of
opportunities to improve your company's
visibility. We produce a regular, widely
distributed Journal, focused on news from
within the local business community. Gain
advantage from our discounted advertising
rates, and use our Spotlight on Members
feature to promote your business. All
businesses receive a free listing in our on-line
Members Directory, plus firms have the
ability to sponsor events and give talks.

Regular meetings with the Council and our
local MP allow us to voice members’ opinions.
The Chamber’s relationship with the Local
Authority Economic Development team
enables us to input members’ ideas and
concerns on the direction, regeneration and
development of Taunton and the surrounding
area, ensuring we are actively supporting
businesses on a regional basis.
Our affiliation to the Somerset Chamber of
Commerce offers an expanded service to
members, by providing access to information and events across Somerset.


Taunton Chamber of Commerce - the voice of local business in Taunton
Taunton Chamber of Commerce - our volunteer Executive Committee, dedicated to supporting local business
Taunton Chamber of Commerce - for local business, by local business
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