This Is Gravity Limited

This Is Gravity Limited



About Us

Salamanca Group is a privately-held Merchant Banking business, home to experts in global investment advisory, London real estate and private client services. We build highly valued, long-term relationships with individuals, corporates, institutions and governments, offering strategic advice and specialist know-how through our four divisions; Investment, Corporate Advisory, Real Estate and Private Client Services. We deliver integrated, consistent advice, always with the client at the centre and ensure a collaborative approach with our clients, in order to enable their business, protect their assets and grow their capital. As part of the Group’s investment activity, Salamanca Group acquired a 635-acre site currently known as Huntspill Energy Park in Somerset in November 2017. Planning consent for the development of 235 acres of energy related employment uses was granted at the end of November 2017. Current activities are focused on working with the council, local communities and partners to achieve the optimal future for the site.


Salamanca Group Reception
Outside of 3 Burlington Gardens opposite the Royal Academy of Arts
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