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About Us

WCI is a privately-owned Water and Wastewater Engineering business offering civil engineering design, construction and maintenance services to domestic, commercial and public-sector clients.

With over 40 years experience, WCI has grown from roots in the installation of private septic tank and sewage treatment systems to now providing end-to-end solutions across a range of water, wastewater and civil engineering sectors. Our operational heartland is Somerset, Devon, Dorset but our teams can be found as far afield as Southampton, Salisbury and North Wales.

Our business comprises two core Consulting Engineering and Water & Wastewater Engineers divisions. Our structure ensures that our designs are grounded in reality with a strong focus on ‘buildability’ and ‘total life’ sustainability, while our construction and maintenance activities are built on true technical standards and methodologies.

More recently, we have launched a third ‘Nutrient Neutrality’ division to supply phosphate and nutrient offset credits to the UK development market. WCI Nutrient Neutrality leverages our wastewater heritage and client portfolio against our highly regarded expertise in foul drainage design and planning.

Whatever your needs, we take a partnership approach to all our work. Our clients like us because we make their problems ours. We work with the regulators and don’t cut corners. We are approved installers for a wide range of manufacturers and retained by many as valued consultants to help improve their products. And we are passionate about our work. Call us and see for yourself why WCI stands out from the crowd.

Services at a glance

• Sewage treatment system design, installation, and maintenance
- septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, rainwater harvesting systems, soakaways and drainage field (small domestic to large commercial)
• Preservice inspections, scheduled maintenance, service contracts with SLAs, emergency call outs
• Porosity and attenuation tests
• Detailed drainage design for planning
• Flood risk management
• Environment Agency permitting
• Phosphate offsetting and phosphate credits
• Septic tank and sewage treatment plant compliance surveys
• Asset audits
• Smell investigations
• Water sampling and system performance monitoring


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