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Wells Cathedral



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Wells Cathedral is a heritage site of national importance, free to access, open to all and for the benefit of all. It sits central to community life in Somerset, a focus for civic and charitable activity and a source of social capital. It is part of all our history and packed with different meanings for different people. It was ranked as ''England's No.1 Cathedral'' in The Guardian in 2019.

Wells Cathedral works at grass-roots levels to serve as a gathering place for people and communities of all backgrounds, welcoming almost 300,000 visitors through its doors each year. A major driver of regional tourism, the Cathedral works continuously to conserve, enhance and open up the extraordinary building, so it may be enjoyed and enrich lives in this and in future generations.

A year-round education and outreach programme delivers activities for local schools and children with special educational needs. An annual calendar of events draws people in to the building for creative learning workshops, community concerts, heritage tours and children's festivals. A series of topical seminars and debates focuses on contemporary issues including the environment, migration and employment skills.

In 2025, Wells Cathedral will mark 850 years since its construction began. A new programme of investment and sustainability, focusing on heritage, music and community, is transforming the Cathedral's capacity to engage, evolve and survive.


The iconic West Front of Wells Cathedral
The Cloisters
Education workshops
Restoration in action
Historic Vicars' Close
Keeping things in shape
The Cathedral at night