Wessex Commercial Solutions Limited



About Us

Are you feeling brave enough to change? We're ready to help you.Our outsourcing package, using Xero, is designed to:

- make sure you know how well each area of your business is doing (your margins)
- support you to make the changes you need to make to improve results and
- show you how you can improve cashflow.

Our team are Xero specialists, and our Directors each have personal experience of running their own businesses, investing their own money.
With skill-sets ranging from the strategic to the practical, our friendly team support you in making the difficult decisions that come with the role of business owner.


We're a firm of Chartered Accountants
We work with clients who use, or would like to use, Xero
Our team have particular expertise in construction services
We integrate a range of ecommerce platforms with Xero
We work closely with professional services firms