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Offer Valid: 09/12/2023 - 08/31/2025
Be the Leader Others Choose to Follow
If you have someone who needs support to shift to the next level and get an average of 55% performance improvement, it would be the ideal programme for them.

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Our flagship programme is the Confident Leader Programme, a unique leadership programme that challenges and supports people to be fully competent and confident leaders. We consistently get a 55% uplift in performance in the equivalent of just 3 contact days!

This 13-week hybrid learning programme is the catalyst for a shift in mindset, skills and knowledge that leads people through their journey of discovery to becoming ''the leader others choose to follow.'' Participants can study in their own time with online materials as well as online face-to-face MS Teams coaching sessions to ensure the learning is applied and fast!

What will I get?
• Have a simple framework to become a confident and competent leader
• Have simple tools to effectively reflect and become fully aware and proactive
• Be able to confidently deliver strong performance through a highly engaged team
• Create, communicate and deliver a vision through others
• Feel personally accountable and hold others accountable to deliver on an agreed vision
• Feel confident and competent to communicate with all colleagues and managers effectively and with impact
• Confidently and competently deal with conflict which maintains positive relationships
• Effectively onboard New Starters to deliver high performance

What's included in the Confident Leader programme:
• Full access to our online LMS platform for 13 weeks where materials are hosted. Download materials and work at your pace at any time
• Full access to a peer collaboration hub (MS Teams)
• Studying membership with the Institute of Leadership and Management throughout the programme, giving you access to learning resources
• 100+ essential leadership and management sessions (videos, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, questionnaires etc.)
• 360° feedback and one-hour coaching session (in week 2)
• A second 360° feedback resurvey and one-hour coaching session (in week 12)
• An Institute of Leadership and Management (InstLM) certificate
• Direct entry to the InstLM at member level for a further 9 months (without the normal fee, normally £150) giving you access to additional learning resources
• 13 one-hour weekly group coaching calls (with your peer group)
• 1 extra individual one-hour focused coaching call, in week 7

Why this programme?
• It is designed on firm principles. Rigorous evidence-based theory and practical examples support your development.
• Every session focuses not just on the ''what'' and ''why,'' but also on the ''how'' to apply it in your context. You will be able to immediately put into practice what you learn and get results from day one.
• Led by expert facilitators. Our team are qualified coaches and facilitators, in regular supervision so you can be
assured they are at the top of their game to ensure you become top of your game.
• The Confident Leader programme is approved by the Institute of leadership and Management assuring you of quality of delivery and content
• It is focused on you. We start with the person, you, and not theory. Guiding you through various approaches, you will explore what works best for you, in your context. You are your own project, and the Confident Leader Programme is designed around you.
• We follow an integrated blended learning approach. We work with the whole person and adopt a variety of approaches; online video resources, 360° feedback, tutorials, group and individual coaching sessions, questionnaires and assessments. Whatever your learning style, every person thrives on the Confident Leader programme.
• Be part of a learning community. Collective learning is more powerful than individual learning. Our learning community is centred on a collaborative platform (MS Teams) that you will have access to, enabling you to get and give support to others

What do people say?

''I joined John's Confident Leadership programme on the recommendation of a teammate. Within 1 week, it was worth it. I was able to immediately implement some of his guidance on reflection, accountability and more. His delivery, credibility and overall quality have shone through in just 10 days, and I am looking forward to the rest of the programme!'' C.P., MD, Wellbeing Company (Delivering to blue chip global companies)

''Both my team and I attended John's 'Think Leadership' training. We all enjoyed the training and developed a connection with John. Therefore when I took a new role leading a very disjointed team which had not had a manager for over two years, I asked John if he would be able to create a bespoke workshop to help bring the team together, with common and shared objectives and values. The fact that John already knew our business and its challenges very well helped give a very tangible spin to the conversations we had, and the team finally started behaving as a team. In difficult situations, the team was able to refer back to the simple core values identified during the workshop and to recognise the team's identity and its purpose.''

E.A., Senior Programme Manager, Aerospace

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