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Legitimate Leadership


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Imagine if your people had total trust in their leaders and colleagues, and came to work to give of their best.
Imagine if everyone in your organisation was willing to go above and beyond in pursuit of the organisation's objectives.
Imagine if everyone was willing to give more than they take at work. This is the shift that legitimate leadership enables - a shift in behaviour and practice at every level in the organisation, through proven leadership and employee excellence.

This delivers:
Legitimacy: Cultivating leaders that people willingly follow.
Trust: People trust that their leaders and colleagues have their best interests at heart.
Contribution: The average employee is willing to make an above-and-beyond contribution to realising the organisation's objectives.
Accountability: Employees at all levels take accountability for, and are held accountable for, their contribution.

This is achieved through a process that includes frameworks and practices leaders can take away and use directly with their own people, as well as consultancy to effect systemic change where needed. Once leaders are demonstrating leadership excellence, then we apply employee and team excellence.