Business Consultancy

About Us

BidVantage is a distinguished consultancy at the forefront of bid writing and procurement strategy. Our seasoned team offers unparalleled guidance, supporting clients through the entire bidding lifecycle with decades of combined expertise.

Our comprehensive services include:
• Bid Writing Support: Crafting bids that not only comply but captivate, articulating your value proposition in line with evaluative criteria.
• Bid Clinics: Preparing your organisation with robust bid readiness, honing your policies, and sharpening your understanding of unique selling points and win themes.
• Bid Training: Conducting workshops to equip your team with vital skills, from interpreting buyer requirements to creating impactful content.
• Social Value Consultancy: Demystifying the intricacies of social value in procurement. We ensure your bids not only meet but elevate the social value expectations, giving you a competitive edge in tendering.
• Bid Review: Offering a meticulous critique to refine and enhance your submissions.

Recognised for our dedication to quality with partnerships like Knowsley Council and Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, we at BidVantage are committed to elevating your bidding success. We are excited to bring our winning formula to fellow Somerset Chamber of Commerce members, supporting your journey to procurement excellence.