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At Business Growth South West I am focussed on helping companies to grow their business using the skills knowledge and experience I have gained by growing a number of enterprises myself over a 30 year period either from scratch or from a very small base.

I have a proven methodology I have used on each occasion which can be replicated across different industry sectors with a strong focus on the market, the value proposition, the people and how you best win against the competition.

I will come and see you for an initial engagement of 2 hours free of charge and then if we both see value you can engage me on a fixed price contract on a specific project or more formally as a Non Executive Director.

In addition to supporting organizations, based on experience gained by interviewing literally 1000's of people and employing 100's of people I can also provide one on one support to individuals by way of career guidance, interview preparation, advice on customer presentations for large opportunities etc.