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About Us

We know how hard it is at the moment to build and grow a business.

We’re doing it.

We know all about the cash headaches, the ‘if only we could’s’, the ‘what happens if ’s’ and the ‘what happens if we don’ts’.

That’s why we’re the commercial finance provider of choice across the UK - local people understanding local business, powered by one of the leading independent financial providers. Put simply,
We get it!

If your business provides/sells services and/or goods to other businesses who pay you on credit terms, then at times you may struggle while waiting for payments. Sometimes smaller independent businesses have to offer longer terms than they receive from larger suppliers. This can cause stress and potentially limit ability to buy in bulk or command better terms. Credit control might be another unwanted task. WE can do this for you.

Our credit controllers are professional and pleasant. Another worry can be the possibility of non payment through customer failure. We can provide bad debt protection through a national insurer at competitive rates. Advantedge have 6 offices throughout the UK with about 110 staff - big enough to offer efficiency and experience, but small enough to provide a personal and friendly service to each individual client.