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Civil and Commercial Mediation (not Divorce, not Personal Injury)

On-line service or in person.

Fully qualified, accredited, insured.

Mediation may work for you:
- if you are in dispute with another person.
- Have an obstacle to be cleared.
- If you both want and need to move forwards past stalemate.

I can move an emotionally charged, frustrating dispute to a low-arousal, problem-solving register.

Together we can identify what really matters to both of you.

This should ensure that you both feel that the final solution is reasonable as well as rational.
Resolution will belong to each party in equal measure.

The solution is very much in your hands: you govern how far and in which way you can compromise, or meet the other person half way.

I will:

- Listen to each of you without judgement, without bias.
- Ask you both questions. I will not advise, but guide you towards identifying your own answers.
- Enable each of you to clarify the issues that matter most to you.
- Support you towards identifying possible solutions that will inform the final solution.
- Maintain confidentiality at all times: anything said in individual meetings remains private, unless I am asked to share it with the other party.

The final outcome, or settlement, is binding: each party should deliver as promised, within the time-frame promised.

Work is online via Zoom, using breakout rooms, maintaining confidentiality of each party at all times. Can be in person, would require rooms to be booked.

It can take as little as an hour to get to a solution that both parties can honour and live by.

It can take longer, depending on the complexity of the issues in hand, or the time needed to hammer out creative solutions to whatever is standing in the way of progress.

Usually I work with two individuals, but I am happy to consider equally weighted groups of up to four in each group, if the deadlock is not individual, but collective.

Initial assessment of your situation is free: a telephone conversation with each party will clarify whether mediation is for you, and whether you wish to work with me.



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