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About Us

Lomax Design and Build specialises in creating bespoke properties and unique commercial buildings. Below are examples of the services we provide:

1. Personalised Design Consultation: Lomax Design and Build begins each project with a thorough consultation with our designers and architects to understand the client's aspirations, lifestyle, and expectations for their property, project or business.

2. Customised Architectural Design: Lomax's team of architect are able to work with clients to bring their dreams to life whilst also advising on the practicalities of space utilisation, sustainability and integration within the natural landscape.

3. Interior Design: The company's designers are able to advise on clients on how to bring their dreams to life, creating functional, stylish and harmonious interiors. They curate bespoke furnishings, finishes, and decor using local suppliers and contractors where possible.

4. Advising on Sustainable Construction Practices: Lomax is committed to sustainable building practices, incorporating eco-friendly materials and technologies to reduce your home or businesses carbon footprint. We are able to advise clients on the ideal way to create an energy-efficient home or business, incorporating features such as solar panels, air source heat pumps and smart home systems.

5. Specialist Craftsmanship: The construction team at Lomax is composed of skilled contractors who meticulously execute every aspect of the project, often using locally sourced and natural products. From intricate woodwork to intricate tiling, each detail is crafted to perfection.

6. Project Management: Lomax Design and Build handles every aspect of the construction process, ensuring seamless coordination between different phases. Their project management team monitors progress, timelines, and quality, minimising disruptions and delivering results on schedule.