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Motus Imaging Solutions is a full-service digital imaging company, specialising in complex asset inspections & surveys.

For aerial image capture and analysis we can choose from a wide range of drone plus camera combinations, including thermal sensors and custom payloads for aerial imagery suitable to specific client requirements. The digital imaging output can range from high resolution images of assets to full thermo-imaging, to facilitate fault analysis in assets ranging from solar power arrays, roof inspections, chimney/flare stacks, wind turbines, or facade inspections. Images captured can also be used to render 3D models and maps, for asset inspections & surveys.

For ground-based imagery, along with multiple camera solutions we can include 360° cameras for 3D, interactive, virtual inspections & tours.

Underwater image capture is facilitated by our ROV technology and expertise, facilitating underwater HD imagery, 4K video, submerged inspections or recovery and bespoke solutions.

Both drone and ROV platforms, allow lower risk access to difficult to analyse assets, and indeed often make the inaccessible, accessible, at a more economic and time effective rate.


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