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Using a mix of Full Time Employees and Associates NSL offers the following:

> Safety & Environmental Management - This is a structured discipline that establishes and delivers effective policy, processes, and plans for the safety of personnel and equipment and protecting the marine environment, whilst demonstrating compliance with appropriate legislation. NSL is able to review existing management arrangements against applicable policy and legislation or provide support in generating from scratch.
> Naval Technical & Regulatory Compliance - Technical Assurance provides the confidence that the engineering solutions your business is delivering are safe and fit for purpose. NSL can demonstrate technical assurance associated with design, manufacture, in-service support and de-commissioning activities by assessing compliance with a technical governance framework. Our team have experience in developing such frameworks and have successfully implemented regimes to provide enduring Technical Assurance based on the use of approved standards, by qualified and competent personnel and whose work is checked correct
> Requirements & Acceptance Management - Ensures that the contracted specification is delivered, or if there are deviations from those specifications, they are known and appropriately managed. This requires a structured approach to manage the requirements, acceptance and change management processes throughout the design, manufacture, and installation/commissioning stages.
> Test, Trials and Commissioning - Demonstrating that the design solution performs correctly will involve test, trials and commissioning activities. NSL produces, plans and executes approved, trials and commissioning activities, against a pre-defined criterion. Such activities need to be proportionate and measured to ensure they achieve the aim without being overly demanding and restrictive to conduct.
> Maintenance Improvement Activities ? Maintenance needs are inherent within the design of any equipment and are usually derived from the OEM themselves. But operating experience will often generate necessary changes; usually brought about by unforeseen demands or external factors. NSL is able to look across the maintenance management policy and plan, assess the tools and systems used and look at specific failure types and rates, to deliver improvements in efficiency and availability. We can even assess the skills and competencies to demonstrate safe and compliance operations.
> Integrated Systems Support - Integrated Systems Support is a discipline that assesses the established support solutions for the candidate systems, to determine how it contributes to the delivery of overall capability, performance, or availability of the overall system or product. Conducted through a series of reviews of activities, including engineering design, logistical support, information management, as well as personnel competencies and training, it seeks to confirm that they are optimized in contributing to delivering the overall system desired characteristics. Where there are shortfalls, our team will identify solutions and options to deliver. We will also help priorities these solutions based on your drivers.
> Technical Investigation Services. Whether it is a component, equipment, or system level failure, maloperation of plant or machinery, or a safety related incident or accident, understanding the root cause will inform mitigation measures and corrective actions, reduce likelihood of recurrence, contain cost, and potentially restore reputation. NSL offers an independent and impartial service undertaken by LR trained technical investigators.