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About Us

With our Services we can offer bespoke packages to include full service, 12 monthly LOLER and offer maintenance plans to your plant we also offer plant management and can organise and arrange weekly monthly inspections as well offering break down assistance as well.

As well as plant we can also inspect hihab lorry cranes and load tested if required on them, we also inspect and certify lorry chains, slings and lifting hooks.

We also offer the same for forklifts offering 12 monthly inspections to make sure is safe to use and also offer serving and repair as well

When it comes to electrical fault finding and repair on your plant. Forklifts lorry?s access platforms this is where we specialise with experienced electrical fitter that can work there way around and fix most electrical issues. We offer bespoke installations as well from adding work lights and beacons to camera kits and reversing kits installed and guaranteed

We also can inspect fully body harnesses for tree surgeons, scaffolders and Climbers including all ropes, lanyards and all other equipment associated with their jobs.

When it comes to LOLER and is used in your business for lifting carrying it needs a LOLER and more can be found out on our website

The biggest thing I believe that makes us stand out from the rest is we understand that company?s can?t afford lots of down time with lorry?s forklifts there climbing gear and to stop productions in there business so we as a business offer out of hours inspection to help minimise that down time