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About Us

Investing with Path provides a focus on your personal circumstances, your principles, and the global issues most important to you. We want every step we take in our financial planning to have a positive impact on climate change. Your values are prioritised, without compromising on financial performance.

Our positive impact mission affects everything we do, from looking after our clients and the advice we give, to how we run our business and our passionate team that make it possible.

We have a clear focus on:

- Sensible, street-wise, and practical financial advice
- Valued personal relationships between you and a trusted adviser
- A sense of clarity and purpose for your money
- Positive social and ethical environmental impact
- Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals
- Ethically-led investment strategies

?This is your opportunity to make a difference. After all, why would you let your money continue to be used as a force for destruction when it could be transformed into a force for good? I set this business up to revolutionise savings and give power to people who care about making a difference, not just for themselves and their loved ones but for the global community too. We are passionate and purposeful about what we do, always guided by our core values. I hope you choose to join us on the path to a better future!?


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