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Hafren Ousque exists to make life easier and lower costs for businesses. We know business is tough, made more so by the recent Covid crisis - all businesses need to reduce costs and maximise the value from its operations. Many people think R&D is only done by high-tech teams in white coats...so they fail to utilise R&D Tax reclaim - one of the best business incentives around - and are leaving money on the table for HMRC as a result. R&D is done by most sectors in business., by spending time and money improving and developing their products, services, business processes, they are overcoming technical and scientific challenges, and HMRC want businesses to capitalise on that ! Let me help you pick out where R&D is being done in YOUR business, we can build you a conforming claim with you for payment by HMRC generally within a 5-8 week timescale.
As we recognise that energy costs, sustainability, targetting net zero are a changing landscape we are able to guide you to lower energy and fuel costs, installing EV charging stations, accounting for your carbon usage,. If you are an agriculturally based business, we can guiding you in your diversifications and stewardship requirements too.

If you are an SME with no clear idea where you're taking your business? Our passion is to increase your effectiveness and perform better in all areas - let's start with a FREE complete business review summarising where are you and where you want to be. With that basic understanding, we can progress onto specific areas such as coaching, reviewing your BD, costs, new market opportunities and collaborations, or at Grant applications and Business Succession Planning.

If you would like a chat on any of the above, or general strategy or business review, we can talk through any off-the-wall ideas and disruptive innovation, those are my favourite......
Its easy - give me a call, an email or a note through my website (www.hafrenousque.com) and we can take it from there.

Many thanks for reading this, I look forward to speaking to you. Simon