South West Cyber Resilience Centre

South West Cyber Resilience Centre



About Us

We provide businesses and charities with the information they need to get safer, using a twelve-week bite-sized journey, regular webinars, and a tailored monthly threat update which tells you what to look out for, and what to avoid. As a recent joiner said, ''The emails have been so good, I've even shared them with my Mum, and I think she's managing to keep up''! We'll even get you onto a free consultation if you're struggling.

If you want more bespoke services, we partner with local universities and can assess your website security, how safe your systems are from hackers, or whether your continuity plans are fit for purpose. The academic angle makes this uniquely affordable, and we don't attempt to sell you anything, because we don't sell products or seek to make money from our community. We can even facilitate free in-person training.

We are able to operate thanks to funding from regional police, the Home Office, and private sector sponsors, and our aim is to make the region more cyber resilient. If you're a bigger business, you can take advantage of our ability to support your supply chain; if you're in IT, we're happy to talk about how to work with you to increase the cyber security of your clients. With over 1000 members already, we'd love to help Somerset businesses and charities to get safer, in an approachable way and without the pressure of a sales pitch.