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I help women in midlife to show up (be visible) step up (into their potential) and live their true purpose fearlessly.

Midlife is a time when you can feel restless and discontented. It’s often termed as a ‘Midlife crisis’. You want to find meaning and purpose in your life as never before.

When you try to make changes your inner critic becomes louder and as a result you are filled with self-doubt. You fear that you lack the confidence and courage to find your purpose and live it.

That is why I’ve devised a 6 month Coaching Programme. I help you address the hidden blocks and challenges that are holding you back.

You’ll reawaken your feminine power. The power that you’ve held all along deep inside of you. It’s just been lying there dormant and waiting to be rekindled.

You’ll learn how to put yourself first in the knowledge that it’s your time and you deserve it. You’ll replace your limiting beliefs with a new and true empowering energy. You’ll leave the programme with your newly defined purpose in life. One that comes from all that you value, all that you have wanted but never had the courage to make happen and with the tools and techniques you need to sustain you.

I offer 1:1 coaching, group coaching and Women's retreats and Free Masterclasses.


  • Women's Coach
  • Courage
  • Feminine energy
  • Free Masterclass


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